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Unlock mobility, agility, comfort and longevity – one dosage at a time

Keep your pet’s body healthy, comfortable, and mobile with Mobility Plus – the revolutionary triple-action formula. This premium blend of high-quality ingredients provides fast relief from inflammation and reduces the build-up of acid in your pet’s joints.

Don’t let joint pain hold your pet back from living life to the fullest. With Mobility Plus, you can help your furry friend enjoy improved mobility, increased comfort, and reduced pain.

• Soothe Inflammation
• Relieve Painful Joints
• Improve Stiff Muscles

Easy to administer with a convenient dropper, Mobility Plus is a liquid formula that ensures fast and effective results. Give your pet the gift of mobility today with Arogya Paws Mobility Plus!

• Arogya Paws products are 100% Natural – Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Plant-Based and Sugar-Free
• Produced to the highest standards – Arogya Paws products are manufactured in accordance with all legal requirements and in compliance with the HACCP and GMP international standards
• Third-party tested – Each batch of Arogya Paws products is third-party tested to guarantee the highest purity, potency and premium quality.
• Sold Worldwide – Sold in the USA, UK, EU and South Africa

• Birch
• Boswellia
• Celery
• Moringa
• Nettle

Suitable for:
• Cats
• Dogs
• Horses
• Rabbits

Directions for Use:
• 1kg: 1-2 drops 1-2 x daily
• 1-5kg: 4-8 drops 1-2 x daily
• 5-15 kg: 10 drops 1-2 x daily
• 15 – 30 kg: 15 drops 1-2 x daily
• 30kg plus: 20 drops 1-2 x daily

Add to the water bowl, use provided dropper.

Why Take Liquid Extracts Over Capsules or Tablets?

Medical studies have shown that liquid extracts have faster absorption rates, higher optimisation rates, and are more easily digestible. Generally, supplements in liquid form are much more readily broken down and absorbed. Additionally, it has been shown that liquids are more completely and quickly absorbed than most powders and pills

In fact, the Physician’s Desk Reference states that 85-90% of nutrients in liquid supplements are absorbed in 22 to 30 seconds.
Compare this to the hours it takes for the nutrients in pills to be absorbed by the body. Moreover, it has been demonstrated that only 10%-20% of the nutrients in pills and powders are actually absorbed.

Arogya Paws products contain ingredients that are of a natural origin. For animal use only. Ensure your pet has fresh drinking water at all times. Consult a vet before using this product if your pet is pregnant, lactating, taking prescription medication or under medical supervision. Discontinue use if adverse reactions occur. Do not exceed daily dose.

**This product contains small amounts of natural alcohol.
The nutrients in this product are extracted using 20% v/v ethanol.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Weight 200 g

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Graeme Korner
I was skeptical But this stuff works

I bought a bottle at the market (for our 14 year old sisters). I am amazed by the results. Our geriatric did are like pups again where they didn't even want to walk a month ago.

Theresa Lewarne
Great results

Our 10 year old bull terrier was battling with joint stiffness - lying around for most of the day.
After taking Paws Mobility he is finding it much easier to climb stairs, eager to play, chasing the water coming out of the hosepipe and even managed to get his front paws on the bed, which he hasn’t done in ages. Definately recommend it!!